• Take a comprehensive look into your overall financial health – to provide you with more clarity and confidence as you approach important transitions in life.

    One office, many advantages…

    By having a financial planner, tax advisor and estate attorney in one location, we are able to better care for our clients.

  • Proactive vs Reactive Care

    Proactive Planning:

    • Discover potential tax problems before they happen
    • Learn ways to potentially protect your assets – before beneficiaries or creditors have access
    • Develop strategic asset allocation & asset location to potentially optimize reward /risk & reduce tax-inefficiencies
    • Establish the right Trust for you, potentially giving you optimum tax advantages
    • Optimize retirement income strategies: Roth IRA conversions and Social Security analysis

    Reactive Planning:

    • Paying excessive income taxes on retirement assets
    • Running into liquidity problems due to lack of cash flows
    • Realizing large capital gains without the ability to harvest capital losses
    • Showing you how your investments are performing, or making recommendations, after the fact
    • Identifying, and allocating to, your beneficiaries after you or your loved one passes

    Royal Alliance does not provide tax services or advice.

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  • Value of a proactive financial review with
    Advisor Eric Oh – Chatterton & Associates